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Library Services

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Circulation Services

Registration of Patrons

There is no fee charged to anyone who wishes to obtain a library card.  Identification and verification of residence is required to obtain a library card.  Identification can be established through a current driver’s license, school identification card, or other valid picture identification issued by a governmental agency.  If no valid picture identification is available, the library director may accept other reasonable forms of identification that establish identity.  Also, a copy of an area utility bill verifying the applicant’s address will need to be presented.  A parent or guardian must assume responsibility for materials borrowed by a person under sixteen years of age; therefore, it is the adult’s identification that is required for registration of a minor.   Residence is verified when the library card is mailed to the address provided.  Library cards may not be forwarded to a second address and will not be distributed in person.  Only two items can be checked out the first time a patrons uses their card.

Demographic information may be gathered in order to plan library services. This information is used anonymously (no identifying information is complied or reported) and is not disclosed in any way that would identify the person registering.  All information provided on the registration form is protected by rules and laws (Privacy Act of 1974) pertaining to confidentiality of records and privacy.

Library cards are renewable every year.  Changes of address or status require that a new application be completed.

Confidentiality of Library Patron Records

The library supports every patron’s right to have his or her library records remain confidential. Library records include patron registration data, circulation records, overdue and reserve records, participation in library sponsored programs, record of library visits, and/or any data that may contain information that links a specific patron to specific materials or services used.  Each patron has individual control over his or her borrower’s card and presentation of the card permits access to information about the borrower’s current circulation record. When no longer needed for library administration purposes, records will be expunged.

In compliance with the Privacy Act of 1974, no information will be released to any person, agency, or organization, except in response to a valid court order or subpoena, properly presented to the library administration.

Nothing in this policy shall prevent authorized library personnel from using library records in the administration of their regular duties. 

A copy of the procedure to handle open records requests is located in the Appendix. on pg. 75.

Fees for Service

The library has as its mission the provision of free and open access to information in varied formats.  However, there are limits to what can be provided with budgeted funds.  Fees are charged for copies and postage to return interlibrary loan items. These fees are only to cover the actual cost of the service.

Circulation of Materials

Holders of valid library cards from this library may check out at any time the following items:

§         Ten or less cataloged books

§         Five book/cassette sets

§         Two or less children’s book/cassette sets

§         Fifteen or less paperback books

§         Six videocassettes

§         Two dvds

No more than two books in the exact Dewey classification or by the same author may be checked out at any one time, due to our limited collection.

An individual or family living at a single address may check out only six videos and/or two dvds at any one time. Videocassettes  and dvds may be checked out only on adult cards currently valid at the library.

The library is not responsible for any damage to equipment through the use of the library’s audiovisual materials.

Patrons should be aware of copyright limitations on use of videos, particularly as related to duplication, distribution, and viewing rights, since federal law provides severe penalties for violation of these rights.

Fines and Recovery of Overdue Materials

Library materials are purchased for use by all citizens of the area.  The library establishes regulations for the loan of materials, including circulation periods, renewal processes, and fines for late return.  The board believes that the individual who chooses to keep materials past the due date, or who refuses to settle unpaid fines or fees, compromises to some extent his or her right to privacy.  The library will attempt to recover overdue materials and will notify patrons of unpaid fines and fees according to procedures established by the board.  Information regarding overdue and non-returned materials and past-due fines and fees may be disclosed by the library to the Honey Grove Police Department when that agency has entered into an agreement with the library to recover materials or to collect fines.  The library will also provide sufficient information to allow any individual other than the holder of the borrower’s card to settle unpaid fines or fees on that card.  However, authors, titles, or subjects of lost or overdue materials will not be discussed without presentation of the borrower’s card.

If materials are not returned to the library by the date due, a fine of ten cents per each library workday after the due date will be assessed.  The maximum fine on all materials is $3.00.  The current list price will be charged for lost or badly damaged items and a processing fee of $1.00 will be added to that cost.  Out of print titles that are lost will be assessed for replacement of a book of comparable content.

A deposit box is located at the front door of the library for the return of books when the library is closed.  Audiovisual materials should be returned inside the library.  Fines are stopped as of the day the materials are returned.

If, after two weeks, the patron has not come in to return the materials and pay the fine, a written notice will be sent.  If, are two more weeks, there is no response, a certified letter will be sent to the patron.  This letter will notify the patron that the library presumes that they chose to keep the materials since they have not been returned and they will be billed for the cost they have overdue, plus a $1.00 processing fee for each item.  If the materials are not paid for, then legal action will be taken to recover the cost of those materials.  Borrowing privileges will be suspended for patrons and family of the same residence having overdue books and unpaid fines.

A copy of Ordinance No. 1997-9 of the City of Honey Grove is in the appendix of this manual on page 66.  This ordinance relates to the penalty for failure to comply with library rules and regulations.

Reciprocal Borrowing Privileges

Recognizing that no library collection can meet all of the informational, recreational, or educational needs of members of the community, the library enters agreements with other libraries to expand the range of materials available to our citizens.  Reciprocal borrowing privileges may be extended to patrons of any library that extends privileges to residents of our area.  This library participates in the TexShare Card Program.  This program allows registered users of participating TexShare libraries to have direct, personal access to library materials not available at their local public library.  See the library for the current TexShare requirements.  Privileges will not be extended, or may be limited, to persons who have lost library privileges in their own home library due to overdue materials, unpaid fines, or other unresolved problems.

Interlibrary Loan

The library participates in the national interlibrary loan program that permits the library to borrow materials for its patrons from other libraries.  This interlibrary loan service is available to all patrons whose record is clear of fines and overdue items.  Books and photocopies of articles from periodicals not owned by the library, or that are otherwise unavailable, may be requested for loan through interlibrary loan.  Recordings, microfilm, and genealogy materials may be requested but are often difficult to obtain.  Items owned by the library, but checked out to another patron, may not be borrowed through interlibrary loan unless the item requested is more than two months overdue.

The library does not charge for interlibrary loan service, however, the patron is responsible for charges or fines imposed by the lending library.  Every attempt will be made to borrow items from libraries that do not charge fees for loaning materials.  If a patron does not wish to borrow an item if charges are imposed (such as insurance fees, lending fees, photocopying charges), this must be stipulated when the request is made.  Fines for overdue materials and processing costs for lost items will vary with the lending library and are the responsibility of the patron.

The library may restrict the number of items requested by an individual patron or “meter” the number of items referred through interlibrary loan when necessary to ensure fair, equitable, and timely service within the constraints of budget and staffing.  This action will only be taken in consultation with the patron and alternative sources for service will be suggested.  Requests that staff determines may violate copyright laws will not be accepted. Photocopies through interlibrary loan will be stamped with a notice of copyright.

This library will charge fifty cents for each day that borrowed material is late. The borrower is responsible for return postage on the item.

Protection of Copyright

It is the intent of the library to comply with Title 17 of the United States Code, titled “Copyrights,” and other federal legislation related to the duplication, retention, and use of copyrighted materials.  A notice of copyright (page 64) will be prominently placed on the photocopier, and any other equipment which is capable of duplicating or reproducing copyrighted materials.  Library staff will refuse to duplicate any materials if doing so would violate copyright and will, when asked, inform patrons if materials being borrowed are subject to copyright restrictions (see also “Interlibrary Loan”) and staff will refuse any request that would violate copyright regulations.

Audiovisual materials for which the library has purchased public performance rights will be so labeled.  Items without public performance rights are for personal and home use only.  Library staff will follow copyright law in selecting and using materials for public performance.  Original or copyright-free art will be used to produce library publicity items or for creating displays and decorations.

A copy of the Copyright notice posted at the photocopier, as well as the Copyright Guidelines for the Photocopy Desk (page 65) are in the appendix of this manual.

Youth and Teen Services

We are currently working on a new "Teen" Group, a "Gaming Club" and some other exciting things for youth and teens.

The Library's Collection

The collection is available to all patrons.  New items are added monthly.  If there is a book, dvd or other item you would like us to add - please ask at the Check-Out desk.  We will happily accomodate most requests.

Community Spaces in the Library

There are meeting, program and event rooms for rent through the library.  Most meeting rooms are available at no charge for non-profit events or meetings.  The Civic Center is available for rent and charges are set by amount of time, type of event, number of people and other considerations.  Please call or stop by the Check-Out desk for more information.